Tuesday, December 17, 2019

In this 10 yrs, there are 4 other builds as well.
are different in style and stance;

Nissan S15 Varietta;

Honda Civic 1st Generation;

Mercedes W212 Stance;


Monday, December 16, 2019

This is a 10 years anniversary posting of the Mini S7.
After so many years, how have it changed?
For better or else?

See the pictures below;

It is definite better & stronger on all aspects.
Now, it is a Mini time attack style setting.
More pictures to come.....



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mini Cooper S7- Restoration (P7)

Hi friends,

It been months since I uploaded myself on the journey of the Mini Cooper S7. This few months is exciting as I am doing many interesting things that support my career movements.

Now things is more or less settle down, I would like to continue my sharing with you on my Mini Cooper S7, this morning, a guy told me its a Italian Job (the job... you get what I mean). Many have praised and forward complement to me with a thumb up on the road, I can say average once a day when I am driving this cute little creation.

Enough about the thrill, let focus back on the purpose of this blog: the Mini Cooper S7 restoration.

My last posting ended on the hanging over of this Mini to the painter: Nicholas, where he start pill off all the old paint to come ensure we clear all rust and uneven surface. This has taken him (and workers) about a week. That 7 days was worthwhile as the result, an all round clean body shell for him to start the simen work. Notice the body line where the body metal mod is? It is a example of perfect workmanship of SPSS motorsports.

While they was doing it, I drop in alternate daily to look thru while provide feedback to help them increase the perfection of the work. After almost three weeks with many phases simen laid, the Mini start to look all in one piece as needed.

During this time, I am also busy looking for parts for internal restoration from various car accessories shop, website and friend with the idea to prepare a sporty yet practical ulpmosfere. This has been sort out well with a few planning and networking with the right people.

At this point, my Mini have been treated with a layer coating before Nicholas put his fine hand to spot for uneven surface, simen it and sand it again and again to create perfection.

This is how it look like after 1 month of hardwork from Nicholas and team.....

Now, I sure you will agreed this Mini will look stunning once it done with paint job, which exactly what I will share with you in my next posting. Stay Tune!

Snapshot of what it look from left rear corner today:))

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mini Cooper S7- Restoration (P6)

Wow dear followers of my blog, its been almost 2 months that I did not post updates on my Mini. Its being a busy last two months plus for me with my job. Now, I finally can sit down and give you my further story on my S7.

In my previous posting, I promised to share with you even detailed picture on the bodywork mod of my mini and how an idea can transform into an amazing street machine. Here are those fantastic pictures and the work from SPSS.....

Many more picture of the body mods for you......

All the work above for S7 take exactly a month and half to perfection. Its was worthwhile to see the final outcome.

The next step will be preparing the whole body for painting. What colour? Wait and see. 

For now, I will share the adventure of how this mini in getting a new dress for the glory. The car was handed over to a experienced painter called Nicholas. Nicholas have been in the business for the pass twenty over years, starting as a worker at the age of 16 to a chinese tauke. He work himself through from the basic body preparation to later skillful paint job. 

He is very good at body alignment and smooth surface siemens for car as he has vast accumulated skill doing paint job for Vans for many years. This is exactly the person I needed to recreate my mini bodywork.

This picture below will proof my point...

By the way, this year 2009 is the 50's anniversary of Mini invention since 1969, you can also look out in the website for many event happen around the world to celebrate this lovely car. As for Malaysia, our 50's anniversary event will be held in early August, please look out for it and come join us. Tentative venue is Dataran Merdeka.

That's all for now, I will come back again to share with you more exciting progress of the Mini Cooper S7. See you soon.